I am really in a writey mood today. So, I'll do the random skin thing again. *grins* Nothin' like forced inspriation, huh? ^_^.

Fushigidane (Bulbasaur) using Leechseed... the skin's called 'Fight of the Forest'... alright.

Fight of the Forest
by Leto

I am not a plant. I am not an animal. So, because of that, people decided I had to be a Pokemon. Not just me, I mean. All my kind. But, can't we just be our own selves, instead of having to fit into the classifications of humans?

Originally, we, Bulbasaurs, were just peaceful creatures - hybrids, some even called us, and in scornful tones... it shouldn't be. We are us.

But, we evolved. No, in more ways than one. Sure, we developed the ability to become Ivysaur and Venusaur, after being bred specially by humans. Sure, we were able to use our plant selves to hurt other Pokemon. That's supposedly a good thing, but...

I don't see it, personally.

You know, humans have ruined us. None of us have been exempt. There are no wild Bulbasaur any more, only bred ones in captivity... we're not meant to be captives. We are the forest.

But, of course, nobody would want us if we weren't specially bred. As we used to be, we had no special Pokemon attacks, we couldn't evolve, so we'd not be useful in battle. And oh, we couldn't have *that*, could we? The stupid humans wouldn't have any use for us then, would they? So, they had to completely alter who we are just so they can use us in their petty rivalry.

All Bulbasaur are not like me. Most revel in their abilities, in being able to fight. They're proud as Pokemon. They make me sick.

All I wanted was to help other Pokemon, the forest... you know, Oddish was similar to us. And Bellsprout. We, the grass Pokemon, nobody understands us, but we are not really Pokemon. So I found a place where I could help out those like me.

And then, the lady who owned that place gave me to some kid as a fighting Pokemon. I'm not a fighting Pokemon! I didn't want to fight and grow stronger! I just wanted to live as I was, part of the forest...

That is why I didn't evolve. I was disgusted at my fellow Bulbasaur. I was going to hold my identity as much as possible, as I was meant to. That is why I claimed I was no relation to the Venusaur we saw on that island. That is why I didn't trust Ash.

I trust him now. He's a good trainer. But it's not enough. It will never be enough. Because he - and no Pokemon, except other grass types, who are not initially Pokemon - will understand.

We are not who we are. We are who we were.

That's my battle, the fight of the forest. The battle to stay that way, as part of the forest.

A losing battle...

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